The Head vs the Heart for Transformational Change

When trying to create transformational products or services or even just transforming ourselves, we can get stuck by being too much in the head; stuck in process, the ‘how’.

Alternatively we can get stuck in the heart; knowing what we love passionately but with no idea of what action to take.

We Are Imaginal want to take people from the realm of possibility to actuality and reality. Having experienced this ourselves through simple changes in mindset and applying practical knowledge and structure with a creative orientation, we know anything is possible.

Topics covered:
Structures that determine behaviour.
Your limiting belief systems.
Creativity as a new orientation for your life.
Imagination and Intuition
Defining your product and honing your product pitch.
How to build a usable mockup.
Create a database schema that can be used by developers.
Define the key user stories and build a full user journey.

AND.. how we use all of the above in every day life to create awesome products and services.