Connecting Change Makers, Leaders and Creators

We Are Imaginal was founded in 2018 by Lucy Nolan in order to build a network of passionate thought-leaders and connect them with communities and businesses for transformational change. 

Building on 15+ years of product development and digital marketing experience, Lucy helps clients with their product and digital strategy specialising in the implementation of end-to-end solutions.


The name for the business is inspired by imaginal cells that are responsible for the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. These incredible cells start out as individual cells that cluster together within a chrysalis. As they reach critical mass, a metamorphosis takes place and the new form evolves as a butterfly.

Creating the new

The old structures we see in politics, corporations and educational institutes, no longer offer the same level of security and stability that they once did.  
As individuals, we need to come together to support each other in times of change by creating new structures of support that allow for to people adapt.


During times of change, in order to operate at our highest potential,  we not only need to be comfortable with adapting but we will need the ability to make connections that haven’t been made before.We believe that by empowering and championing diversity in everything we do, will lead to this creativity and growth through the sharing of ideas and experience.


Lucy has worked with a wide range of clients for over 15 years to create product and digital marketing strategies, building solutions and activating digital campaigns. 

Her passionate approach to using technology for transformation has seen success with online campaigns for charities, retail, finance, publishers and government organisations. 

Leveraging technology for peer-to-peer sharing and community growth is also her passion including creating ambassador and referral programs that enable word of mouth. 

After identifying the limitations for activating campaigns due to technology and development resources, she now specialises in helping start ups and entrepreneurs identify the best solutions that will enable their growth including CRMs, Web and Mobile applications,  SEO and social media strategy.



Her overall approach is to create a solution that takes an idea into reality by adopting the latest technology and digital marketing strategies.   

Clients and campaigns include;
Aviva, Sky, Mumsnet, Evening Standard, Independent, Google, Youtube, L’Oreal, Rolex, Universal Pictures, Dixons Carphone, Tesco, Sweaty Betty, Superdry, Monsoon Accessorize.

Example Projects;
Levi Roots – Young Entrepreneur’s Hub

Totally Locally and Visa – Online platform to support local businesses

Operations and Marketing for Natural Success Training Academy.


Imagine: We start with a clear vision of the product or service, visualising its impact on the target audience using creative visualisation techniques.

Market: By identifying and understanding the ideal market segment, we know where they are, what they need, and how to reach them.

Automate: Implementing technology to handle repetitive tasks, ensuring efficiency and consistency in operations and marketing.

Grow: Focusing on strategies to expand reach, improve product offerings, and increase customer base.

Innovate: Continually seeking ways to improve, differentiate, and stay ahead of market trends.

Nurture: Building strong relationships with your customers. Listening to their feedback and ensure their loyalty.

Ask: Regularly soliciting feedback, not just from customers but from peers, mentors, and the market at large.

Leverage: Utilise every available resource, tool, and strategy to maximise your product’s reach and impact.