Hi there,

So I used to watch my mum get really annoyed at my dad. 

He was a decorator that had no time to paint his own house. 

This is exactly what happens with my business as I can get so busy focusing on client projects that I do not make time to organise my own digital properties! 

So apologies if this is a little sparse but you can find out a little more below of why I am busy and you can always drop me a line to find out more as I love a virtual/in-person coffee and chat.


2020 Projects

Lambeth Made 

Designed and facilitated an online course for teenagers during the first summer of the pandemic resulting in an Online event. 

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Totally Locally Shop

Product management and digital marketing for this amazing not-for-profit who support local businesses and high streets and have recently been sponsored by Visa. 

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Natural Success Academy

Transitioning a traditional coaching and events business to online resulting in reaching over 8,000 people across 50 countries during the pandemic. 

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